Evan "DUSTY" Tanner

A lone survivor of the notorious "MIDNIGHT RIDERS MC" that was based in Las Vegas, Nevada.


A tall, imposing mountain of a man.


ST:14 DX:12 IQ:12 HT:12
HP:16 WILL:12 PER:12 FP:12
TL: 7 BASIC SPEED: 6 BASIC MOVE: 7 Total Points : 200
Height: 6’3" Weight: 280 lbs. Age: 35


* Brawling 14
* Carousing 13
* Detect Lies 12
* Driving(Motorcycle) 12
* Explosives(Demo) 14
* Fast Draw(Knife) 12
* First Aid 12
* Forced Entry 12
* Gambling 12
* Guns(Pistol) 10
* Guns(Shotgun) 12
* Interrogation 12
* Intimidation 13
* Knife 12
* Mechanic(Motorcycle) 14
* Observation 12
* Savoir-Faire(Org. Crime) 12
* Scrounging 12
* Streetwise 12
* Urban Survival 12
* Set Trap 13
* Strength(Lifting) 13
* Search 12


  • Fit
  • Hard to Subdue 2
  • High Pain Threshold
  • Lifting Strength 2
  • Languages
    • Japanese (broken)
    • Spanish (accented)
  • Fearlessness 3


  • Alcohol Tolerance
  • Deep Sleeper
  • No Hangover
  • Penetrating Voice


  • Bad Temper (12 or less)
  • Code of Honor (Humanity)
  • Compulsive Gambling (12 or less)
  • Reputation (Criminal)
  • Social Stigma (Criminal Record)


  • Code of Honor (Biker colors)
  • Proud (MC affiliation)
  • Trademark (Beard, Tattoos)

Origonaly from New Jersey as a kid, “Dusty’s” mother moved to Las Vegas with him and was a showgirl. She soon got involved with the local motorcycle club known as the MIDNIGHT RIDERS. Dusty group up around crime and motorcycles, but he was not your average punk kid. Dusty was smarter and bigger than most men at the age of 15. He quickly got involved with the gang and became a young member especially having a knack for motorcycles. Long story short, even Was good enough and smart enough to have his own custom shop in Vegas that was exclusive to cleb members….it also made for a good front.

Dusty’s size and skills helped his meteoric rise through the ranks and his mean streak and lack of compassion made him a perfect body guard and hitman for the club leaders. His nickname “Dusty” came the rumors of how many people he actually took out to the desert to kill. The joke was he was constantly covered in dust from digging grave for men. Also comes from a biker term of getting “dusted” or killed. Up until the zombie rising, Dusty enjoyed a great life of crime to its excesses, not caring for anyone outside the the Midnight Riders, which he considered all his family.

Witnessing the horrors of the zombie appocalypse, something changed in Dusty. Seeing every die and beg around him he felt as if he were thrust into hell. Not to mention he was on a high doses of magic shooms with his girl! he felt like during that first wave he was taken by demons and being tortured for his crimes. Never a religous man he felt this was karma or something as close as there could be he decided to change….in a way. He now is just trying to survive after coping with the situation and calming down.

Now…its time to move out find others, a time put his skills to use.

Evan "DUSTY" Tanner

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