Almost 7 billion infected corpses remained as a result of the viral outbreak. The unusual speed and almost universal fatality rate resulted in very few bodies being buried or cremated. The vTSEN prion also created an unusual rotting process, transforming the natural chemistry of the bodies.

Within seven days of death and sometimes in as few as four, the putrid shell is animated back to life. The brain sends rudimentary signals through the remaining CNS, and takes control of the bodies basic functions.

The blood turned black and viscous, like used motor oil. The skin, cured and toughened like thick leather, took on a sickly pallor. Their eyes turned black and hazed over with a mucus-like substance, which creates the appearance of perpetual crying. They shamble slowly, but endlessly seeking to feast upon flesh and blood.

Class I Infected Walker
Class II Infected Sprinter


Fireteam Z Golga